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About Us

Facility Management, Manufacturing of Automotive Components,  Skill Development and Health & Hygiene as division of BSA group has played a growing role in worldwide innovations and Applications.
BSA Group has largest team-size among all international search firms in India. We have timeline focused comprehensive search strategy. Our standardized solution establish the foundation for your plan, based on your distinct objectives. We tailor these solutions to provide a truly unique strategy. For us, partnering is a long term commitment based on trust, communication and dedication to achieving common goals. By working together, we can maximize our combined resources to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness, continually improving service delivery.


  • BSA Group’s mission is to develop customer relationships which provide services tailored to specific customer needs.
  • BSA Group provides employees with on-going training to enhance knowledge and skills, develop problem solving and decision making abilities, and offer opportunities for advancement.
  • We also apply cost effective production systems and sound fiscal planning.
  • Also we utilize Continuous Process Improvement strategies to ensure the highest quality products and services.


BSA Group works closely with the customers to understand their needs and provide high quality products services. We recognize the strengths of those we work with and focus our efforts on helping them overcome their weaknesses. Be it a customer or employee, every individual is treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect. Here we work together as a team to provide quality services.
  • Recognize the value of all employees in attaining our goals
  • Work cooperatively to solve problems and develop solutions
  • Provide a work environment which motivates our employees and encourages independence, cooperation, respect, and humor


  • To provide competitive, high quality wiring harness Manufacturing services
  • Individualized customer service
  • Encouraging employee creativity
  • To encourage team work in a continuously improving environment.

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